Tuesday 27 January 2015

Happy New Gear!

Christmas has been and gone, the decorations are down, the last of the vouchers have been spent, any unwanted gifts have been returned, and the sales have been ravaged.  Just when I though that I had accumulated all of the new kit I was likely to get for the year I received a pleasant surprise.  I had won a prize from Up & Running.

Throughout December Up & Running had been giving away a prize a day as part of an Advent competition.  Prizes ranged from pairs of socks to GPS watches, but I won a bundle of goodies including; a Choob, water belt, off road socks, a phone holder and, a training diary.

I have already started to use the diary.  I have a record of every run I have ever completed since I started running back in 2012, but I know that having a paper copy to flick through will keep me happy.  I don't run often with my phone so I'm not sure that I'll use the phone case.  I'm going to try the water belt on my next long run, just to see how comfortable it is, after that I'm hoping it will become part of my marathon training kit.

Every runner loves socks, so these have gone straight into circulation.  The final item, The Choob is a bit of a wild card for me.  It has already been Christened as the "super-snood", a light weight multi-wear tube of material designed to keep your neck/face/ears/head warm, depending on how you wear it.  I am comfortable with my winter running wardrobe so I don't think it will come out running with me,  however I'm sure the super-snood will make an appearance, not least in my Trailtrekk kit bag.

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  1. Awesome stuff Ewan, please it went to a runner who will get plenty of use out of it ;)